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Unfortunately I am cancelling this year's event Run Through Night. It turns out that organizing an event for others is a lot more difficult than just running a hundred kilometers myself. I was just too slow getting started with planning and promoting the run and people were not able to put together teams on such short notice. With the date less than a month away and zero teams registered and zero dollars raised, I can't really start any of the event preparations and even if we had a bunch of last minute registrations I don't think we would have time to make the arrangements necessary to put on an event that I would be proud of and that would be safe and enjoyable for everyone. I am really sorry about this and the decision has been causing me a lot of stress and lack of sleep over the past weeks, but I am confident this is the right call. I especially feel like I have let Shelter Movers down. I was truly hoping to make a significant impact on their fundraising again this year. If you are so inclined I still encourage you to donate to Shelter Movers Vancouver or to create a fundraising page and do a run in the spirit of RTN on your own. I hope that I manage to get myself organized earlier next year and maybe I can make RTN 2023 a success.


WHY: To raise $10,000 for Shelter Movers Vancouver. Enough to move 50 families out of harms way.

WHAT: Relay teams (2-5 people) running laps of North Vancouver's Green Necklace trail 10 hours through the night

WHEN: Saturday June 18th at 9pm-7am

WHERE: Start and Finish at Fen Burdett Stadium and running laps of the Green Necklace trail loop (approx. 7km)

Press About Last Year's Run

Canadian Running Magazine feature here!

North Shore News Article about our event here!


This event is in support of Shelter Movers but is not officially organized or sanctioned by them. All donations are made directly to Shelter Movers Vancouver but they hold no responsibility or liability for this event. It's my own silly idea.

About Run Through Night


Sunset Beach To Abbotsford / 90 Kilometers / 9.5 Hours / $14,700 Raised for Shelter Movers Vancouver 

Run Through Night 2020


My name is Peter Celler.
I'm a father of three, a mechanical engineer, and I enjoy doing endurance sports.
I discovered my love for endurance sport in 2014 and have been looking for new challenges ever since.
Last year I created Run Through Night hoping to give my hobby some meaning and do some good. I ran 90km and we raised nearly fifteen thousand dollars. It was, by far, one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. This year I hope to continue that tradition.

About Me
About Shelter Movers


Founded in April 2016 by Marc Hull-Jacquin, Shelter Movers is a a survivor-centred, free moving service that has been able to help nearly 1,000 households safely relocate without losing treasured belongings.

Since then, they've expanded their services to Ottawa, Vancouver and Nova Scotia building a team of more than 500 determined volunteers. These volunteers are the driving force behind the organization.

There’s plenty of people in difficult situations who are in need of support. The need to raise awareness on the issues of violence against women and domestic violence is great. Simply put, there’s a lot to be done.

At their core, they aim to remind survivors of their intrinsic worth and the power they are reclaiming in their decision to leave an abusive relationship. 
At the end of the day, their story is made up of many stories, starting with those of survivors.

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